Why Recruiters Don't Need to Learn How to Code

I’ve taught recruiters to code.

And am a HUGE advocate of learning to code.

But not because I think everyone needs to code their own software.

It’s because if you learn to code you also learn how to think about software.

You learn to think using logic.

But there is an easier way to have success.

And it is far more important and valuable.

Recruiters need to learn how to APPLY technology.

Not build it.

We’re in an age of software saturation.

There are literally millions of tools out there today.

One of which is all but guaranteed to solve your problem.

Here is how you use tools to solve problems:

  1. You must first learn to understand a problem.
  2. Then come up with solutions.
  3. Evaluate tools.
  4. Implement them.
  5. Iterate.

That’s it.

And the next problem you have, you can find a tool for that.

And the next.

And the next.

Catch my drift?

Teach yourself how to understand the WHAT, WHY, HOW of software and use the tools already out there to solve your problem.

That’s how you become invaluable.

And solve problems.