Where Can I Find Candidates Where No One Else Is Looking?

Not finding the perfect candidates can cost you requisitions, thousands of dollars, and possibly even your job.
Now that might sound a little dramatic but it is true.
As a recruiting professional, it is in your job description to be able to find the best candidates.
It doesn’t matter if you’re sourcing, recruiting, or headhunting.
The best candidates make the best employees and the recruiters that find the best employees get paid the most and get the most recognition.
It’s not complicated.
So how do you find the best candidates?
Well there a numerous ways.
But one of the most underutilized ways is Facebook groups.
At least for now before everyone else starts doing it too.
If you’re not using them already you’re behind the curve.
And you must learn immediately.
But how do I find Facebook groups to recruit from?”
You’ve decided to use Facebook groups to recruit but don’t know how to find them.
You’ve realized there is tons of value and maybe have tried a search without success.
The feelings of proud, excited, bright-eyed may be starting to fade as you stare into your Facebook search bar.
Well, let me help.
Here is the exact ways to find Facebook groups.
Step one: figure out who you want to target
Step two: really figure out who you want to target.
Are there general groups for that person’s job? Try a job search description: Javascript developers.
Step three: try auxiliary searches. What might someone be trying to learn? Maybe a javascript developer already knows Node.js and wants to learn react.js or gulp.js. Try finding groups like these.
Or maybe they are interested in more abstract concepts like chatbots and the technology behind them like natural language processing or artificial intelligence.
Step 4: Try non-work related groups. A lot of developers like to play video games. Have you tried a league of legends facebook group. Or a call of duty fan club? Or Star Wars conspiracy forum.
Get creative. It will take a lot of trial and error but like any great sourcing hack, once you find it, it’s a gold rush!
Happy recruiting!