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You don't rely on 90's recruiting tactics, why would you rely on 90's software?

Stop hoping that a hire turns out well. It's 2017, the year of data analytics.


Glance uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to find you better employees- nerd talk for "it's awesome."

Stop relying on a cluttered legacy ATS for your Talent Acquisition needs. Glance is your solution.

Do yourself, your hiring managers, and CHRO a favor and get a smart solution.

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Founded by Chris and Kam, Glance is a 2016 Citrix and Red Hat Accelerator Program alumnus and Charlotte Venture Challenge Prize Winner.

Each of our advisors brings 20+ years SaaS experience and 8-figure exits.

Both self taught developers, we've given guest lectures at Duke University computer science and bring experience from finance and insurance. 

What started as a personal frustration,  and a few hundred recruiting and hiring manager interviews later we decided to apply our tech knowledge to help out.

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